Attachment, mentalization and antisocial personality disorder: The possible contribution of mentalization-based treatment

This article outlines the evidence base and current psychotherapeutic treatment approaches for individuals with a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder (ASPD).

The article examines the application of a particular theoretical approach, derived from attachment theory and its linked concept of mentalization, to these individuals. In particular, the authors discuss the application of mentalization-based treatment (MBT) (Bateman, A.W., & Fonagy, P. (Eds.). (2004). Mentalization-based understanding of borderline personality disorder. In Psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder: Mentalization-based treatment (Chap. 2, pp. 11–28). Oxford: Oxford University Press) to this group. The treatment approach, methodology and preliminary results of an outpatient pilot study of MBT in a group of men with a diagnosis of ASPD are presented.

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